As a founding member of Georgia’s Lowcountry Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild, I was involved in establishing the non-profit’s mission: connecting plants and people. As a current volunteer member, I get involved in executing that mission. Because that mission means the world to me, I do a lot. To varying degrees, I am involved […]

Adam Galinsky is a social psychologist who teaches people all over the world how to inspire others, speak up effectively, lead teams and negotiate successfully. This talk from TedX New York came recommended by San-Francisco-based psychologist Dr. Linda Tucker (on Twitter). Some vocabulary gained includes: “Range of Acceptable Behaviors” which expands and narrows based on […]

At TEDx BayArea talk Dying to Be Me, speaker Anita Moorjani shared how she went into a coma and lived through a near death experience (NDE) that mirrors other NDEs as recounted by Dr. Raymond Moody in his book Life After Life. When Anita  was in her coma, she met her deceased father and her […]

Watch Josh Kaufman in this video talk about the following steps to get good at anything in 20 hours. Set Target Performance Level (decide what you want) Deconstruct Skill Learn the Most Important Things First Skim Many Resources Take the Best of all. Do Just Enough Research to hone the skill then get out of […]

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Until they don’t. And how will we know when to change our minds according to our environment and when to absolutely hold our ground and say, THIS IS WHAT WE’RE DOING COME HELL OR HIGH WATER. Let’s look to biology.

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