Alan Muskat – The Most Magical Mushroom Man

If you are looking for the human who can be your BEST resource on mushrooms, you’re welcome – I’ve found your guy.

Read Alan Muskat’s self-penned biography for a pun-filled treat of all treats. Or, watch him recite Sylvia Plath:

Sorry about the sound. You have to lean in and listen closely to understand that the video captures Alan’s…captivation. He’s so engrossed in his craft, that of wild foods foraging and mushroom hunting/gathering. Oh and the wild birds in the background…

Alan has two Asheville, NC-based public wild foods education programs: No Taste Like Home and Afikomen. Afikomen’s goal is to teach every child in the United States how to safely harvest the ten most common local wild foods by 2030. WHAT A VISION. 5-star chefs are obsessed with Alan’s…obsession.

Here’s more pictures of Alan, who takes willing and paying participants on foraging outings. Worth the investment if you’re in the area – you have my 100% guarantee that if you like anything about plants, the outdoors, or food – the excursion will prove to be an ever-so-fascinatingly grand experience.






We picked up a veritable bounty on one of Alan’s foraging excursions near Newland, NC in June 2013. Spoils include: spruce pine tips, red clover, reishi, yarrow, so chane, black birch, stonecrop, monarda and more!

We also discovered the ever-so-lovely golden alexander which gave Alan the occasion to prompt us, his eager young understudies, not to be rude in nature when seeing a new plant for the first time. We started asking, in our eagerness to learn, ‘What is it good for’. However, he taught us: sometimes you lean in close, admiringly, smilingly, with care and small wonder then you whisper: what is your name.


There you have it y’all: Alan Muskat – the most magical mushroom man I’ve ever met.


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